Welcome to the Garden

The flora varies throughout time and season; sometimes you will find twenty kinds of Columbines and Sweet Peas with 17th century anchestory.  At other times exotic Scots Pines will introduce themselves to you, followed by cabbage. Dynamic and suspense are key.  

The season of tulips, cut flowers and vegetables is we celebrate by sharing them with you at the shop by the nursery garden throughout various events.

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The history of Malmö's Castle Garden

In 1994 a group of gardening passionate  Malmö-ites, neither having any classical botanical training, hatched the idea of an urban garden in their city. They proposed building an organic garden which would be available to anyone. An urban garden with purpose. 

Their entrepreneurial idea became real in 1997 when the garden set its roots in the abandoned citadel area next to Malmö's Castle.

This area had not ben in use ever since the nursery garden had been foreclosed. Since then the two-thousand sqm space has been transformed into vegetable and Perennial beds, a fruit, a rose and an herb garden...  

The garden was officially opened May 8th 1998. Malmös Caste Garden's community began in 2003 when the city of Malmö became spokesperson for the garden.